A long time broadcaster, who’s spent most of his professional career either in front of a microphone or a computer keyboard

Experienced Broadcaster

Began broadcasting in 1983, as an on-air personality while in high school. Working on the staff of various stations over the years, I've worked on-air, production, studio engineering and now provide Voice Over services.

Podcast Consultancy

Having built the iCWeekly network, early home to many live Internet broadcasters, I've provided consultancy and support to numerous broadcasters.

Program/Project Management

Extensive experience in information technology and communications to include secure tactical and strategic communications, providing a vital role in the formulation and implementation of secure Command and Control messaging services.

Internet Radio Now Playing To Twitter

Let’s talk about getting your Internet radio station’s “Now Playing” information posted to Twitter, in a way that doesn’t cost anything and won’t risk your account getting removed. In this posting the process of creating an XML file, posting it to an external server and getting the information posted to Twitter will be covered.


Welcome. I am the executive producer of Indie News At Noon and senior producer and host of MSI: Music Scene Investigation.  After a long time in the broadcasting field, beginning as an on-air personality in the early 80′s, I moved to the information technology field in the lat 80's.  Although I've spent most of my professional career either in front